3 Questions to Ask Your Vet Before Your Ferret Has Surgery

It's normal to worry about pets before they have surgery. Even if your ferret only needs a routine procedure, you may be a little anxious. It helps to be prepared so you know what is going to happen. So, make sure to ask your vet surgeon these questions before your ferret has its operation. 1. Is Your Ferret Fit Enough? Your vet will assess your ferret's overall health before they recommend surgery. [Read More]

Dog Health Problems That Would Require a Visit to the Animal Hospital

The first thing to note about your dog's health is that some breeds are more susceptible to illnesses than others are. Moreover, other health issues affect most dogs, depending on the environment they grew up in or are living in. Knowing what to expect makes it easier for you to understand what symptoms not to ignore and when seek medical attention early. Read on for a few of the dog health problems that require a visit to the animal hospital. [Read More]

Home Away from Home: Acclimating Your Dog to Boarding Kennel Life

No dog parent enjoys the idea of leaving their canine friend in boarding kennels.  Unfortunately, however, it can sometimes be a necessary evil.  Not everybody has family members willing to take on their pooch while they're away – and even those who do may perhaps encounter scheduling conflicts sometimes.  As such, even if you wouldn't normally put your dog into a kennel, it's important to know how best to handle the situation when it does become necessary. [Read More]