What to Look For in a Vet Hospital

Veterinary hospitals provide a valuable service for your animals. There are a lot of options available, so researching the best vet hospital for your pet is essential. This guide will give you some quick advice on how to choose the right option for you and your pet.  When it comes to deciding for your pet, it's best to choose a vet hospital well in advance of any problems. That way, you just have to make a phone call if something does happen. [Read More]

Warning Signs of Canine Cancer You Should Be Wary Of

Cancer is typically associated with humans, but this disease is just as life-threatening to your furry friends too. When cancer develops in the body, it means that there are clusters of cells that have mutated and have a mind of their own. Rather than performing regular cell functions, these rogue cells start to attack surrounding tissues. When the cells start to spread, it means the cancer has metastasised. Just as with humans, pets can develop localised cancer or generalised cancer that spreads to other organs in their body. [Read More]

5 Questions to Consider About Your Dog's Oral Health

Wondering if your dog has a cavity? Worried that you need to take him to the vet immediately? Here's what you need to consider about your dog's oral health: 1. Is Your Dog Acting Like He Is in Pain? If your dog has a painful cavity, he may avoid eating. He may yelp in pain while eating, or he may act a little more subdued than usual. If you see these signs, you should look further into the situation. [Read More]