Home Away from Home: Acclimating Your Dog to Boarding Kennel Life

No dog parent enjoys the idea of leaving their canine friend in boarding kennels.  Unfortunately, however, it can sometimes be a necessary evil.  Not everybody has family members willing to take on their pooch while they're away – and even those who do may perhaps encounter scheduling conflicts sometimes.  As such, even if you wouldn't normally put your dog into a kennel, it's important to know how best to handle the situation when it does become necessary. [Read More]

5 Questions to Consider About Your Dog's Oral Health

Wondering if your dog has a cavity? Worried that you need to take him to the vet immediately? Here's what you need to consider about your dog's oral health: 1. Is Your Dog Acting Like He Is in Pain? If your dog has a painful cavity, he may avoid eating. He may yelp in pain while eating, or he may act a little more subdued than usual. If you see these signs, you should look further into the situation. [Read More]